Welcome to the Strathpeffery website. I would have like to have used a domain name for the website that started strathpeffer, but as most of these have already been taken, Strathpeffery will have to do. As the village itself is already called Strathpeffer, known locally as the strath, so logically you would assume that the name for the whole valley would be Strathpeffery, after the name of the river that flows through the lower part of it on it’s way to the Cromarty firth and the sea. The website itself is just a collection of useful information that I’ve collected together about the area since we moved here in September 2018. The website is very much work in progress at the moment so treat it with a bit of caution because pages will be in a continuous state of flux for a while as I tweak them and introduce new ideas.

Near here is a valley, birchwoods, heather and a stream . . . No country, no place was ever for a moment so delightful to my soul.

Robert Louis Stevenson – Letters